Cleaning ...

Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc. is committed to providing the best cleaning capabilities on the market. This is done by utilizing state of the art equipment and tools operated by skilled personnel. For years we have serviced municipalities, paper mills, landfills, and industries. Our services include pipeline, lift station, digester, aeration tank, large interceptor cleaning, and debris cleanup to name a few. Our toolboxes contain high tech cutters to remove mineral deposits, intruding taps, foundry sand and most any other hard deposit or obstruction that needs to be cut or milled from the pipe.

Off-road Cleaning

On-road Cleaning

Lateral Cleaning

Laterals can also be cleaned (with limitations) from the municipal sewer. Using state of the art cleaning and inspection equipment we can traverse a sewer cleaning nozzle down the municipal sewer and place it in a specified lateral for cleaning.

Mineral Deposit Removal

Hydro Excavating

Our cleaning equipment is also equipped for hydro excavating.