Manhole Rehabilitation ...

Just as pipes fail, so do manholes. Manholes are the second leading cause of infiltration and require as much rehabilitation as the actual sewer. Our specialists can help with identifying problems and suggesting methods needed to get manholes back to “new” condition.

Manhole Sealing

Manhole sealing is the most cost effective and fool proof way to seal against infiltration. It is quick, effective and non-invasive.

Cementitous Lining

Our cementitous lining provides a waterproof sealed structural reinforcement as well as corrosion protection to your structure. It is the quick and economical application of a uniform fiber reinforced cementitous layer, comprised of a special mortar that is cured-in-place to form an interior hardened shell.

This monolithic layer is a great way to seal block and brick manholes while providing a structural liner. A thin coat is applied to the manhole, immediately into the joints, then followed by a final application. A uniform high strength lining can be applied from .5” to 2” in one application.

Permaform ™

A manhole can also have a manhole cast within itself. This forms a new seamless manhole inside the original giving the final structure robust strength.

Epoxy Coating

All structures are thoroughly washed or sandblasted, leaks sealed, and properly prepped prior to applying an epoxy coating. The structure is then holiday tested to insure that Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc is selling the customer a holiday free coating.


Manholes with insufficient hydraulics are a huge problem within municipalities. Municipal crews are sent out on a routine basis with a water tanker to flush manholes and break up paper slugs in order to keep the solids moving along. Insufficient hydraulics within a manhole can easily be remedied with RELINERS. A guaranteed solution with a short payback period. Crews will no longer have to entertain the manhole and avoid costly sewer backups.

Great Lakes TV Seal’s trained crews will measure your manhole dimensions and a modular fiberglass invert will be installed. The invert depth will be as deep as the largest pipe diameter in the manhole. After the invert is installed and all pipe connections are aligned with no offsets, a new bench is poured on the outside of the fiberglass invert. The invert serves as a form for the pouring of concrete and then stays in the manhole tightly anchored to the fresh newly poured concrete giving the manhole a permanent fiberglass trough.

RELINER ™ also provides an internal drop pipe system that hugs the manhole wall, freeing valuable space. The system contains PVC, fiberglass, and all stainless steel hardware. These inside drops provide full access to the pipe for cleaning, televising, and rehabilitation. The controlled drop of sewage within the manhole eliminates erosion of the walls and bench while reducing H2S emissions. Solids and liquids remain together during the drop and are directed to the flow line, eliminating paper and sludge build up which would ultimately cause sewer backups. The inside drop system is also used to reduce pump cavitation within wet wells.

Casting Removal and Replacement

Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc. provides service for casting and adjustment ring replacement as well as rehabilitation of existing structures. Old castings can be removed from asphalt streets by coring a 48” hole through the road. The asphalt plug and casting are then removed. After the casting is replaced and the road surface put in place, you are left with a blacktop patch with no corners that is symmetric with the cover and appears to be part of the road as opposed to a patch.

GLTVS can provide numerous methods to seal and protect adjusting rings.