TV Inspection ...

Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc. provides pipeline inspection (CCTV) to aid customers in an accurate evaluation and documentation of pipe segments. This documentation is provided through state of the art equipment and software. A report is provided documenting all manhole and pipeline defects and characteristics. This documentation is gathered and compiled by highly trained PACP certified personnel (in house and in the field). We are committed to PACP as a nationwide effort to unite all inspections with a common standard of measuring and documenting. Our inspection reports are also Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ready.

Click PACP for the Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program.

Lateral Inspection

Laterals can be conveniently televised from the municipal sewer. This technology allows the crews to efficiently survey laterals without the need of scheduling an in-house visit with homeowners. Efficiencies and a total job cost savings come from the fact that inspections are not tied to homeowner’s schedules, nor the liabilities of entering their homes with equipment.

Laterals can also be precisely located at any point for GIS mapping.

Off-road Inspection Capable

On-road Inspection