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Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc. is well known for expertise in the field of grouting (sealing). Grouting is the most effective and efficient way of eliminating infiltration / exfiltration. This is accomplished by forming a gel like collar around the outside of the pipe, manhole, or structure. As groundwater pressure increases, the mass will seal tighter along the exterior of the structure. The grouting product must be injected into the surrounding soil where it can form a large waterproof mass that cannot be extruded back into the structure. (Grout does not stop leaks by simply filling joints and cracks.) This large waterproof mass will remain indefinitely unless removed by excavation.

At Great Lakes TV Seal, Inc. specific grouting crews are highly trained and experienced in sealing pipe joints, manholes, lift stations, vaults, as well as other underground structures.

Sealing Pipe Leaks

Sealing Manhole Pipe Connections

Sealing Lift Stations

Sealing a Muffin Monster